jeudi 8 octobre 2015


To Write The Image

The images speak for themselves. It is difficult to express  the aesthetics of our choice. Because, even while being close to the authors, one never really knows what goes through their minds. To print images is not a renunciation of the written words,  but rather a universal alternative to describe an alternate reality.

The words intervene at the beginning of process. They guide us, accordingly, in a broad range of choices in serigraphy.  For example,  there are several methods of the preparation of an image,  the pulling or the final manual improvements…

But, between the image source and the result, there always remains a spark of randomness.  an intentional  dirivitive added to the interpretation of the selected media which gives the final result.
This result evokes a new emotion. It requires different words to describe it. It is this singularity in the series that we seek. We do not photocopy a work, we reproduce it under certain constraints. These rules can be diverted during all the stages of the process of impression, and it is what we propose to our resident artists.

Thus, the results are the reflection of the time spent with each  individually. The more frequent the meetings,  the more the graphic vocabulary grows richer on both sides.
The fruits of our research and collaborations are visible on our site. Jean Faucheur, Omick, Lek, Yanbo, Spé, Sonic, Wxyz, Teurk are all signatures that you will find there, as-well-as  many other works published by other artists themselves which we have included to (books, fanzines…).

E.T.V. , for  over a decade, has been guided and run by impassioned artists for other like-minded artists bitten by the same bug . All that you will see here was born from the initiative of the interested parties themselves. There is no filter of gallery currator  ; nor is there any particular order. In this way it allows us  to give our public a most direct and intimate experience possible.

Many human links bind us to these Grifters since their creation, and, since leaving the underground and the  abandoned buildings, it is a pleasure and an honor to present our work in the sun light , in their space.  May we welcome with pleasure to visit  our wasteland  !

E.T.V. team.

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